What items will Utopian provide?
Utopian will provide all the equipment needed for preparing drinks. All alcohol, mixers, garnishes, ice, napkins, cups, etc. will be provided by you. These items can be purchased for you by Utopian at an additional charge (plus the cost of supplies).
How much alcohol will I need?
We understand this may be your first event and/or you might need some help determining how many drinks will be needed. Therefore, we offer a complimentary consultation to advise you on what and how much to purchase.
Will you provide your services as a cash bar?
Utopian Bartending specializes in private parties and we are unable to provide our services as a cash bar due to state regulations and requirements. Please contact us for other options that may be available.
Does Utopian charge gratuity?
No, Utopian does not charge any gratuity fees. Tip jars will be placed on the bar unless specified otherwise. Options are available if you prefer not to have tip jars.
What type of uniform does the staff wear?
All Utopian bartenders wear a black dress shirt, black slacks and black shoes. Male bartenders wear a tie. If you have specific uniform needs please contact us and we will work to accommodate you.
Is a deposit required?
Yes, 50% of the total balance is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.
Are all Utopian bartenders TABC certified?
Yes, all of our bartenders are TABC certified and have multiple years of experience to ensure a flawless party.
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